Varuna 2016 Day 4

This was my office today   Dinner last night: Sheila’s marmalade pork with ginger, sauteed mushrooms, mash, beans and cabbage. Dessert was that goddamn amazing lemon delicious pudding. To quote Marsha, one of the writers here, ‘it was like eating mouthfuls of lemon cloud’. Current word count: 32 840 Number of chapters: This is Part 1, the yellow […]

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Varuna 2016 Day 3

This was my office today   Dinner last night: Sheila’s smoked cod on baby potatoes with asparagus in egg and cream sauce and roasted tomatoes. Dessert: fresh sliced oranges with toffee praline. Current word count: 14 977 Number of chapters: Part 1 now includes 9 almost full draft chapters, still at about 60% old/40% new but now I’ve […]

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Varuna 2016 Day 2

Dinner last night: Sheila’s curry and dips selection. We hardly spilt any. Thanks to the awesome Jake Cunningham at Katoomba Ink for my spontaneous mangled Foucault tattoo. This little bit of ritualised torture was exactly what I needed to get those ol’ creative juices flowing.  I considered a panther at the end because I wanted longer with the […]

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Varuna 2016 Day 1

Current word count: 87 084 (Final PhD draft) Number of chapters: 10 Biggest achievement: Arrived at Varuna, this time I am in the Bear Room. I’ve unpacked, stacked my notes, post its, current copy. Dropped into Katoomba and booked a two hour tattoo session tomorrow for the Foucault quote about truth speaking I’ve been planning since […]

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Sad news but good feedback

So I just got feedback from the publisher who was reading the book. The sad news is that they’ve decided it’s not quite ready for publication yet but this came with some amazing and formative feedback. Right now I’m putting everything I’ve got into getting the thesis submitted before October so I can deal with […]

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Joining a writing group

This Saturday I’m going to my first meeting of the Northern Beaches Writers’ Group. It feels like a strange time to be joining a writers’ group, just as I’m at the end of a book, but I’m glad I’ve taken the leap and I’m glad I’m doing it now. I’m looking forward to looking at […]

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James Frey insurance

I recently read this article about James Frey and his book A Million Little Pieces. Frey’s ‘memoir’ talked about a lot of the same things as mine – crime, addiction, prison, rehabilitation – and while a lot of these things did happen to Frey, they were embellished on in the book. (‘Embellished’ feels like the […]

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