8 tips to stop employees going rogue on social media – by a rogue employee (10 min)

For people living with past traumas, mental injuries or other ‘neuro-divergents’, the #metoo movement has encouraged us to look more critically at every aspect of our lives. The power of the individual who is willing to speak up against wrongs has never been more evident.

So, yes, if there’s broken bits or pieces in your organisation and employees who are set up to fail, then you should be worried about what they’re writing about you.

636 signatures in 24 hours!

Oh, my cheer squad! So many hearts to every one of you and special hi to all the new supporters. I just got home from Shrinkola and realised what you all did while I was out and about! I’m speechless. Tempted to use emojis. Got two super exciting appointments to get through tomorrow but will…More

Fred Nile under fire for Facebook post about Charlotte Dawson abortion

Michaela Whitbourn Published: February 24, 2014 – 12:29PM The Christian Democratic Party MP Fred Nile has come under fire for a controversial post on his party’s official Facebook page linking the death of Charlotte Dawson to a pregnancy termination during her marriage to Olympic swimmer Scott Miller. Late on Sunday, a photograph of Dawson was…More

Open Letter to Fred Nile about bullying Charlotte Dawson

Dear Mr Nile, I was disgusted to open Facebook this morning and see your post linking Charlotte Dawson’s death to her decision to have a termination. In your original post you said: “Many I am sure are now aware of the tragic ending to Charlotte Dawson. It highlights how depression and self-harm can affect anyone.…More