Player/ref OOP and DTP drills

Number required: 6-10 skaters w. scrimmage shirts (per round) 3-7 refs Trainer needs: marked out track 10/20 foot rope Stopwatch (pref JT) Whistle Drill 1: seeing 10/20 feet standing still 1. All refs get in the middle of the track, less than seven try to fill all positions, more than seven rotate some through middle […]

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Training Session – Skating Patterns, NSO training and Stops

Ref Training Session Skating Patterns, NSO training and Stops Trainer needs: Interval timer app, whistle, penalty calling app, chair, rules, whiteboard/penalty tracking sheets, pens Referees need: Whistles, rules Time: One hour session 10 mins: Skates on and warm up  15 mins: ON SKATES: Penalty calling circuit Circuit lasts for 60 secs with a 15 second break […]

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Referee Penalty Calling Circuit

Objective: 1. To develop derby thinking skills (by calling penalties) which still function while we are doing cardio activities; 2. To continuously practice seeing ‘ten feet’ while using derby thinking skills. Typical length of drill: 15 minutes (two complete run throughs with six participants) Materials needed: Trainer: Tape/cones to mark corners, interval timer (or app), […]

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