WCC Cultural Grant Application

1 Name of Project: Steel City/Skate City: Wollongong’s Love Affair with Roller Skates 2 Name of Project Coordinator:Neena She’Moan, Wollongong Illawarra Roller Derby Project Coordinator 3 Project summary:Steel City/Skate City will showcase the diversity and quality of the region’s rollerskating history and enliven the city by re-establishing its once strong skating community. This research project […]

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Thirroul Seaside Festival

WIRD has been invited to strut their stuff for the crowd at the Thirroul Seaside Festival. We started talking about it a while ago but really only got one kinda rehearsl in before hand so I’m a tad nervous. The plan is that the girls will skate around behind me on the ‘stage’ (it deserves […]

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