8 tips to stop employees going rogue on social media – by a rogue employee (10 min)

For people living with past traumas, mental injuries or other ‘neuro-divergents’, the #metoo movement has encouraged us to look more critically at every aspect of our lives. The power of the individual who is willing to speak up against wrongs has never been more evident.

So, yes, if there’s broken bits or pieces in your organisation and employees who are set up to fail, then you should be worried about what they’re writing about you.

Varuna Affirm Press Mentorship – Friday morning

Writing memoir is an intensive process of self-examination, conducted for the most part in solitude.  So winning the Affirm Press Mentorship, which included living with two editors for five days, was both exhilarating and terrifying. For weeks leading up to the residency I’ve been asking the same rhetorical questions: How do you live with the…More

Sad news but good feedback

So I just got feedback from the publisher who was reading the book. The sad news is that they’ve decided it’s not quite ready for publication yet but this came with some amazing and formative feedback. Right now I’m putting everything I’ve got into getting the thesis submitted before October so I can deal with…More

Feedback is hard even when it’s good

Caught up with Jo Chipperfield this week to go over the manuscript, and the feedback was amazing. Which is hard and easy and exciting and terrifying. It feels like I’m on the cusp of something amazing. The current draft is at 86,000 words and Jo’s most exciting words were: ‘This is ready to go to…More