First Exec Com meeting @ Mc Donalds

WIRD AGENDA EXECUTIVE COMITEE MEETING 1.Sort out ex comittee poistions – what they all mean, who is doing what, when. 2.Formalize training arrangements – times, days, can we set up one sess per month as ‘open’ where newbies, family, friends can come watch? This should prob not be advertised on web (unless it’s a email […]

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Belmore/Victoria St Carpark

Enter the Belmore/Victoria Sts carpark! This is a brilliant skate, smooth, flat, lit at night. Myself and Donna hit the pavement and practiced ‘the robot’! Hopefully we’ll get more skaters down here soon. Live in fear of no-one turning up. Get slighty hysterical before I leave the house. Alas.

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Second WIRD skate

After missing WIRD’s first skatey get together last Sunday (due to ridiculous work commitments) I was eager to get out there and have a go! Five of us turned up to the carpark out the back of ****. Took some sweeping and bits of it were down/up hill. Not too bad. Apparently roller skating is […]

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Second WIRD planning meeting

<img style="margin: 0px auto 10px; display: block; text-align: center; cursor: pointer; width: 320px; height: 240px;" src="; alt="" id="BLOGGER_ Thanks to those who made it to the meeting today! Despite the rain we had an amazing turnout of 15 potential skaters, managed to huddle out of the rain and nut out a whole chunk more of […]

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WIRD’s first planning meeting

1st planning meeting for WIRD – Oxford Hotel Slogan for today: Roller derby is a virus – infect everyone you touch! In a brilliantly successful first planning meeting derby and its logistics were discussed in the beer garden of the Oxford. The conversation was so interesting that after the meeting broke up several people from […]

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