Suppression Orders or Why transparency matters (8 min read)

Suppression orders very rarely protect victims. In a post #metoo world, after that awful Royal Commission, we need to be looking at this system of enforced secrecy which forces victims to carry the crimes in their heads forever. We need to question how keeping the secrets of guilty people has contributed to Australia’s sickening history of institutional abuse. More

Are Depp’s dogs really that big a deal? Did we only care because the idea of dogs on public transport is taboo in Australia?

(Image: Johnny Depp’s dogs have been big news this week, ridiculously big news. If we shaved the offending mutts and laid all of their hairs end-to-end, I doubt we’d get anywhere near the column inches these two spoiled terriers have had in the last three days. That dastardly celebrity got on a private jet…More

‘Why Girls Hate Each Other’ review

Like most of us these days, I get random YouTube crushes. I am passionately in lust with the cooking show My Drunk Kitchen by Hannah Harto, the groovetastic advice given by Victoria Vogue in Ask A Drag Queen and now I have met the stripper with a Masters degree, Jenna Marbles. Ms Marbles is just…More