Sonja’s Look – excerpt from S+L

I remember standing in a dungeon with a slave grovelling near my feet. His shoulders were hunched down and his face took on a look, half worship, half terror, that I remember seeing many times on my stepfather’s face. More

Emus Book Raid – excerpt

This is an excerpt from Snakes and Ladders. Book is currently in development with Affirm Press. Follow Angela J Williams on Facebook  for more excerpts and news on publication.  44 – Emus Book Raid On Tuesday morning, forty-four days in, the screws are late coming to unlock us. As the time for people to start reporting for…More

Varuna 2016 Day 5

This was my office today Dinner last night: Sheila’s spinach and feta pie, greek salad and bread. Dessert: not-quite Tiramisu Current word count: 58 075 Number of chapters: 25 – 19 full drafts and 6 that need new stuff. Holy crap balls, batdudes. Biggest achievement: Getting through a whole part in one morning. It might have been mostly…More

Varuna 2016 Day 4

This was my office today   Dinner last night: Sheila’s marmalade pork with ginger, sauteed mushrooms, mash, beans and cabbage. Dessert was that goddamn amazing lemon delicious pudding. To quote Marsha, one of the writers here, ‘it was like eating mouthfuls of lemon cloud’. Current word count: 32 840 Number of chapters: This is Part 1, the yellow…More

A decomposing rat – or happy fourth birthday to my prison trauma

There is a dead rat lying in the gap between my psychiatrist’s building and the medical centre next door. It’s a big rat, at least 30 cms head to butt. It’s been there for a long time, skin is rotting off it in silvery shreds, white stick ribs glowing behind and between them. There’s pot…More