Get your red hot Roller Derby on YouTube

Wollongong Illawarra Roller Derby has made it to the (small) big screen! Check out our channel WIRDVideos. Realised about ten minutes after I uploaded our first clip that it really could have been WIRD TV and that would have been hot. Alas.More

‘Whip It’ movie cross-promotion organised

After a quick discussion about the movie it was suggested we might tap into the potential publicity of this movie. We approached the independant Gala Cinema at Warrawong and they are very excited about doing some cross promotion around October when it is realeased. Amazing how Drew Barrymore knew we were gonna be starting our…More

WIRD Media release

Who wouldn’t want to play Roller Derby? Wollongong Illawarra Roller Derby is welcoming experienced skaters now. Since their first skate in February 2009 the Wollongong Illawarra Roller Derby girls have been training hard to bring this radical sport to life in Wollongong. WIRD, as they’re known for short, have been hitting carparks and bike paths…More

Photo shoot with Martin Lucic

After Martin worked out that the only way to get a good group shot was either make it an action one or risk yelling at a bunch of derby girls we all got on fine.More

Recruitment poster

We’ve decided to piggyback on SRDL‘s recent media exposure and attempt to snare ourselves some new members. There will also be some media releases going out over the next few weeks to try and stir up interest. [edit 25/7/09 – controversy erupted this week when the above poster was mistaken for a commercial campaign by…More

Journo student sticks her head in

Word is spreading and WIRD were approached by Emma, a Journalism student from UOW, to be the focus of a media assignment. I’m sure she learned as much from the process as we did and in the end she came out of it with a mostly shiny piece and we had a bit of practice…More