Trauma Responses – the body’s way of telling stories

I’ve recently been thinking out loud about trauma and find myself using the term ‘trauma responses’. It’s a shorthand term I’ve developed over decades and so deserves defining for those not living in my head. It turns out that childhood abuse and trauma does nasty shit to the growing brain. I’m writing to you from just such a brain.…More

James Frey insurance

I recently read this article about James Frey and his book A Million Little Pieces. Frey’s ‘memoir’ talked about a lot of the same things as mine – crime, addiction, prison, rehabilitation – and while a lot of these things did happen to Frey, they were embellished on in the book. (‘Embellished’ feels like the…More

Mindfullness training

I’m on my lunch break from a learning and development course called Mindfullness in the Workplace.  Here are all the reasons why today is not the day for me to be doing this: First day back at work after six days at home alone suffering from virus-induced vertigo – wanted to come to work and…More

A decomposing rat – or happy fourth birthday to my prison trauma

There is a dead rat lying in the gap between my psychiatrist’s building and the medical centre next door. It’s a big rat, at least 30 cms head to butt. It’s been there for a long time, skin is rotting off it in silvery shreds, white stick ribs glowing behind and between them. There’s pot…More

‘Why Girls Hate Each Other’ review

Like most of us these days, I get random YouTube crushes. I am passionately in lust with the cooking show My Drunk Kitchen by Hannah Harto, the groovetastic advice given by Victoria Vogue in Ask A Drag Queen and now I have met the stripper with a Masters degree, Jenna Marbles. Ms Marbles is just…More