Turning ‘trauma’ into ‘armour’: part 1 – the fungus

Content warning: this post discusses suicide and Electro Convulsive Therapy. Structure warning: I am writing with my editing and self-censorship blinkers off – paragraphs, sentences and arguments may be imprecise.  Context I started this post just after I was released from a five week psychiatric admission that included 12 sessions of Electro Convulsive Therapy. It…More

Grist for the mill

  Fresh off the rebound from another visit to the palace of justice. Reeling. Thinking. Grinding. Judgement will be given at the next date. Which is December. We will know if the Trump bomb is going to explode by then. I’ll be forty by then. Facebook memories showed me the crime scene this morning, wondered…More

Self as subject: the peculiar pickle of autobiographical higher degree research

Paper presented at the University of Newcastle Creative Arts Research Symposium, Newcastle, Australia, 9 June, 2016. I do not condone the use of memoir, surveillance, or any other discourse altering substances. Writing a memoir involves taking one’s life and smearing it onto the page. When you craft a memoir, it is inevitably a personal experience…More

What I’m working on right now

I have come down with something. A virus? Bacterial infection? Biological warfare? Whatever it is, it is hurting my brain. Today and tomorrow are rock solid writing days and I cannot use the snot-spew explosion to get out of work. I am reasonably certain that any words that come out today will need to be…More

‘Why Girls Hate Each Other’ review

Like most of us these days, I get random YouTube crushes. I am passionately in lust with the cooking show My Drunk Kitchen by Hannah Harto, the groovetastic advice given by Victoria Vogue in Ask A Drag Queen and now I have met the stripper with a Masters degree, Jenna Marbles. Ms Marbles is just…More