How I write a referee training session

1. Be willing to admit that you know nothing. I started derby three years ago with no athletic/sporting experience at all and everything I know today I have learned from doing sessions with awesome trainers, reading blogs and derby forums and watching what other people do. Roller derby is pretty much a baby in the…More

Learning to trust myself as a trainer

Last night we ran week two of the four-week refresher program that I have written. It is designed to get the refs back on the track as the strongest and most cohesive dazzle of zebras possible. Last night refs from our crew were posting on Facebook that they were exhausted and smashed. I was dripping…More

Successful first training at the Sports HUB

Marking out the track according to the WFTDA specifications and using a rope template which I whipped up after spotting one being used by SRDL. Not sure if ours conforms to their design as it was reverse engineered from a quick glance from a distance and some careful untangling of the WFTDA track plan. Our…More

WIRD’s First Grading

A few weeks ago one of our training committee put together a grading package for us. Drop Bear did a whole bunch of research and put together the following system based on some conversations she had with other trainers and other gradings she had looked at. We pretty much all passed ‘Red’ on the day…More

Biggest turn out yet

Last night we had 11 members on skates, on the track. Shelby Unkonshus counted back through the training book and this is the biggest turn out we’ve had yet. Kay Ottick was coaching and so we did a whole lot of pack work, some chunks of agility work, and there were no major injuries. Photo…More

Indoor training!

WIRD has their first indoor skate at **** Community Centre. We are paying $20 per hour, have Wed night and Sunday arvo booked and can skate as late as we like (within out two hour booking) without the lights being turned off, needing to go home to pee or dying of thirst. Our first skate…More

First Exec Com meeting @ Mc Donalds

WIRD AGENDA EXECUTIVE COMITEE MEETING 1.Sort out ex comittee poistions – what they all mean, who is doing what, when. 2.Formalize training arrangements – times, days, can we set up one sess per month as ‘open’ where newbies, family, friends can come watch? This should prob not be advertised on web (unless it’s a email…More