Varuna Affirm Press Mentorship – Friday morning

Writing memoir is an intensive process of self-examination, conducted for the most part in solitude.  So winning the Affirm Press Mentorship, which included living with two editors for five days, was both exhilarating and terrifying. For weeks leading up to the residency I’ve been asking the same rhetorical questions: How do you live with the…More

Varuna Affirm Press Mentorship – Tuesday Morning

Last night I wrote on Facebook that the imposter syndrome is strong this time.  It’s still strong.  I recently read that ‘interesting article‘ by Luke Carman about the Australian creative industries.  He makes some very big claims, including several aspersions the’Melbourne literati’. In a lecture by the provocateur, I asked the difficult questions.  But now…More

Self Portraits: The ‘Rearticulating’ years (1999-2004)

Warning – lots of pictures! Read on wifi! 1999 was right after my last heroin bust. You can read the excerpt from Snakes and Ladders here. It was a pretty dodgy time to be Angela J Williams. Hadn’t worked out yet that my problem was heroin, but needles. Slipped and fell in a pretty big puddle…More

Varuna 2016 Day 6

This was my office this morning This was my office this afternoon Dinner last night: Sheila’s CoqAVin with trimmings. Dessert: Plums and pears stewed in red wine. We ate it too quick for pics. Sorry-not-sorry. Current word count: 62901 Number of chapters:  44– 23 full drafts and 9 that need new stuff and 12 that need to go from…More

Varuna 2016 Day 5

This was my office today Dinner last night: Sheila’s spinach and feta pie, greek salad and bread. Dessert: not-quite Tiramisu Current word count: 58 075 Number of chapters: 25 – 19 full drafts and 6 that need new stuff. Holy crap balls, batdudes. Biggest achievement: Getting through a whole part in one morning. It might have been mostly…More

Varuna 2016 Day 4

This was my office today   Dinner last night: Sheila’s marmalade pork with ginger, sauteed mushrooms, mash, beans and cabbage. Dessert was that goddamn amazing lemon delicious pudding. To quote Marsha, one of the writers here, ‘it was like eating mouthfuls of lemon cloud’. Current word count: 32 840 Number of chapters: This is Part 1, the yellow…More