Two-lap penalty call remembering with OWB/penalty tracker

Objective: To practice penalty remembering and correct calling, to practice NSO skills including recording penalties and reading handsignals, to practice OPR skating patterns, spatial awareness and skating with/around other skaters Typical length of drill: Variable, depends on ref endurance and skating skills Materials needed: Taped out track, whiteboard/penalty tracking sheet, penalty calling app or flashcards Skill…More

Penalty Calling Practice

Objective: For refs to practice calling penalties and for skaters to become more familiar with handsignals. Typical length of drill: Variable Materials needed: Taped out track, numbers on skaters’ arms. Skill level required: Basic skating skills, knowledge of handsignals, knowledge of verbal cues Description: Drill is run as jams, with all ref positions filled (if possible).…More

Penalty call remembering with OWBs and NSOs

Objective: To practice remembering a ‘colour, number, penalty’ combination, practice working with NSOs and increase the average of correct calls delivered to NSOs.  This drill is a variation on the OPR ‘Half-lap skate and wait’ practice. Typical length of drill: Variable Materials needed: Taped out track, small whiteboards (OWB), WB markers, smart phone with penalty calling…More

Skater watching drills for beginner referees

Objective: A two-part drill to develop skater watching skills beginning with watching a single skater and moving up to watching skaters within a pack while practicing the most basic verbal cues ‘colour, number’. Typical length of drill: Any length of time – both parts can be done during warm ups. Materials needed: Taped down track,…More

Defining10/20 Feet – three part drill

Objective: To practice seeing ten and twenty feet both still and in motion and practice defining the pack and judging engagement zones. Typical length of drill: Each part can be run for as long as you like, though if each section is allotted ten minutes you are looking at half-an-hour all up. Materials needed: Taped…More

Referee skating patterns – all positions

Objective: Practice referee skating patterns, work on vocal projection and build communication skills between refs Typical length of drill: Twenty minutes per part – forty mins to run full drill. Materials needed: Stopwatch, whistle, taped out track. Skill level required: All levels Description: This is a two-part drill. The parts can be run concurrently or…More

Referee Penalty Calling Circuit

Objective: 1. To develop derby thinking skills (by calling penalties) which still function while we are doing cardio activities; 2. To continuously practice seeing ‘ten feet’ while using derby thinking skills. Typical length of drill: 15 minutes (two complete run throughs with six participants) Materials needed: Trainer: Tape/cones to mark corners, interval timer (or app),…More