Amazing PR opportunity – chase em!

Skating in the mall wasn’t something we had planned on but when Crown Street Mall approached us for some PR collaboration we jumped on it. With a cross promotion for them and usMore

Tricks to an amazingly successful WIRD Trivia Night 2009

WIRD Trivia 2009 was such a success that we are already discussing it as an annual event. All up we made just about $2000 profit, all of which will be getting funneled back into the league! We were all a bit freaked out in the lead-up but the night went awesome and I’m gonna share…More

‘What is this Roller Derby?’

With WIRD’s Trivia Night only seven days away preparations are in full swing. There are groups sweating away to get things sorted and my contribution right now is these shiny new informative doovies to scatter on tables. As always, take what you need to help make your own league. 🙂More

Successful first training at the Sports HUB

Marking out the track according to the WFTDA specifications and using a rope template which I whipped up after spotting one being used by SRDL. Not sure if ours conforms to their design as it was reverse engineered from a quick glance from a distance and some careful untangling of the WFTDA track plan. Our…More

WIRD’s First Grading

A few weeks ago one of our training committee put together a grading package for us. Drop Bear did a whole bunch of research and put together the following system based on some conversations she had with other trainers and other gradings she had looked at. We pretty much all passed ‘Red’ on the day…More