Roller Derby

Roller Derby
Roller Derby

I am a roller derby referee. Yes, this is as cool as it sounds.

In October 2008 I started to get the crazy idea that Wollongong needed a roller derby league. I started a Facebook group in November and Wollongong Illawarra Roller Derby (WIRD) was born. We kicked things off in early 2009 with some mass publicity and things rolled on from there.

In August 2009 I decided that refereeing was so much more my go than being on the track. I killed off the derby girl that was SheNa Nigans and Sintax the referee was born.

This picture, and many, many others, was taken by Roaringstorm Photography

There are two components to my roller derby blogging:

Notes and documents from starting the league (Originally published in the blog D.I.Y. Derby). These earlier posts cover the legislative, administrative and functional aspects of getting a start-up league off the ground. There is a bunch of paperwork, all of which is free for you to use in any way you like.

The second area is refereeing, the rules of roller derby and my various gigs as a referee trainer. This stuff includes my theoretical thinking about reffing, rules sessions which I prepare for the league’s players and referee training tools that I use to help our refs be the best they can be. Again, all free to use.


This clip is a great introduction to the game for those who know nothing about Roller Derby.


More info here about:

The global body for women’s roller derby Women’s Flat Track Derby Association

The forum I go to for answers to tricky refereeing questions Zebra Huddle

RIP 2014: Where I watch my live roller derby Derby News Network

And where I watch my archived roller derby Justin TV


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