When overtime is giving back

Content warning: explicit discussion of suicide.  http://1.media.dorkly.cvcdn.com/19/72/7c5a39a1b8d562c8100cee06b8573935.gif My body has dragged itself through some noxious filth on its way to the here and now, and getting through it has been hard work. My first suicide attempt was at 11 and my most recent seventeen years ago when l was 23.  I haven't magically stopped thinking about… Continue reading When overtime is giving back


Varuna Affirm Press Mentorship – Friday morning

Writing memoir is an intensive process of self-examination, conducted for the most part in solitude.  So winning the Affirm Press Mentorship, which included living with two editors for five days, was both exhilarating and terrifying. For weeks leading up to the residency I've been asking the same rhetorical questions: How do you live with the… Continue reading Varuna Affirm Press Mentorship – Friday morning

Varuna Affirm Press Mentorship – Tuesday Morning

Last night I wrote on Facebook that the imposter syndrome is strong this time.  It's still strong.  I recently read that 'interesting article' by Luke Carman about the Australian creative industries.  He makes some very big claims, including several aspersions the'Melbourne literati'. In a lecture by the provocateur, I asked the difficult questions.  But now… Continue reading Varuna Affirm Press Mentorship – Tuesday Morning

Grist for the mill

  Fresh off the rebound from another visit to the palace of justice. Reeling. Thinking. Grinding. Judgement will be given at the next date. Which is December. We will know if the Trump bomb is going to explode by then. I'll be forty by then. Facebook memories showed me the crime scene this morning, wondered… Continue reading Grist for the mill

Trauma Responses – the body’s way of telling stories

I've recently been thinking out loud about trauma and find myself using the term 'trauma responses'. It's a shorthand term I've developed over decades and so deserves defining for those not living in my head. It turns out that childhood abuse and trauma does nasty shit to the growing brain. I'm writing to you from just such a brain.… Continue reading Trauma Responses – the body’s way of telling stories