Exquisite story crafting

Williams, A 2017, ‘Autobiographical research in a post-traumatic body: a retrospective risk analysis’, Text: Writing and Traumaeds. Bridget Haylock and Suzanne Hermanoczki, No 42, October

Source in Whitbourne, Micheala 2014, ‘Fred Nile under fire for Facebook post about Charlotte Dawson abortion’, Sydney Morning Herald.Martin, C, Tattersall, K and Williams, A 2014, ‘Triple stigmas for transgender and aboriginal ‘Sistergirl’ sex workers in NSW: gathering stories from our communities to understand their intersection with evidence-based health practice and prevention of HIV’, poster presented at AIDS2014, Melbourne, Australia, 21 July, 2014.

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‘Jennifer’ in Ting, Inga 2011, ‘Women prisoners set up to fail in ‘dumping’ jails’, Scoop.

‘Jennifer’ in Ting, Inga 2010, ‘Mental health behind bars: why women prisoners are set up to fail’, Crikey, part 1 and part 2

Various WIRD media articles

AW, 2008, ‘Letters to the Editor: Foster families are invisible in a system in a system crying out to be fixed’, Sydney Morning Herald, 18 March, http://www.smh.com.au/news/letters/foster-families-are-invisible-in-a-system-crying-out-to-be-fixed/2008/03/17/1205602282148.html

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Various articles, UOW undergraduate magazine The Tertangala


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