Player/ref OOP and DTP drills

Number required: 6-10 skaters w. scrimmage shirts (per round) 3-7 refs Trainer needs: marked out track 10/20 foot rope Stopwatch (pref JT) Whistle Drill 1: seeing 10/20 feet standing still 1. All refs get in the middle of the track, less than seven try to fill all positions, more than seven rotate some through middle […]

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Penalty Calling Practice

Objective: For refs to practice calling penalties and for skaters to become more familiar with handsignals. Typical length of drill: Variable Materials needed: Taped out track, numbers on skaters’ arms. Skill level required: Basic skating skills, knowledge of handsignals, knowledge of verbal cues Description: Drill is run as jams, with all ref positions filled (if possible). […]

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