Second WIRD planning meeting

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Thanks to those who made it to the meeting today! Despite the rain we had an amazing turnout of 15 potential skaters, managed to huddle out of the rain and nut out a whole chunk more of WIRD‘s foothold in the Illawarra.

We raised $161.35 bucks with our magic money making tin donated by Donna. Neil, the guy behind the Oxford, also donated a box of stuff (3 cocktails shakers, 2 sets of glasses, an umbrella & 3 tickets to a comedy gig in early march) and implied that he may be up to donating more things in the future. Cheers for Neil. I was given official-like permission to incorporate us – which I’ll head down to Fair Trade to undertake on Monday. Hopefully the paperwork won’t take too long to go through. Donna and I were tossed on as committee members, and Danni later volunteered as Treasurer. This is starting to look like the start of an executive committee/BoD kinda thing.

The show of hands when I asked who’d be ready to skate in the next week was pretty exciting – WIRD girls will be skating the streets in packs any day now! We decided to set two to three days per week to get together, either for outdoor fitness skates (at this stage), planning meetings or off-skates training. Donna’s gonna make some enquiries re: off skate training – anyone else with ideas should look into them and fill us in. The three most popular days/times to get together were Sat arvo, Sun arvo, and Mon evening. That’s about as far as we got on that. We also discussed a contacts list to help shift this along – I decided to make it a word file so we can all just update as more skaters join. Do whatever you like with your list as long as it doesn’t involve letting it get into non-WIRD skater hands – I’ll be making spy like notes on mine on everyone to assist my terrible memory.

We’re also planning a working bee soon to rustle up TShirts to help spread the wird (ha ha). More details to follow. And a skate love and maintenance workshop with many people will help with and which Nora offered to organise. At least I think that’s how it happened.

Clothes for the photo shoot on the 7th of March (we discovered a clash with Mardi Gras but decided against moving the shoot again) – green/purple/black – loud – fishnet.

Again, BRILLIANT to see so many excited people today! This is exactly what roller derby needs to get up off the ground. (Everything feels like a pun when you’re writing about derby.) If we all tap into all our contacts and resources, and really bring out grunt to training sessions, WIRD will be packing out WIN stadium before we know it.

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