First Exec Com meeting @ Mc Donalds


1.Sort out ex comittee poistions – what they all mean, who is doing what, when.

2.Formalize training arrangements – times, days, can we set up one sess per month as ‘open’ where newbies, family, friends can come watch? This should prob not be advertised on web (unless it’s a email for an invite thing) as we don’t want to end up just putting on free entertainment.
2.1 Training guidelines – what is expected from trainers, what is expected from skaters etc
2.2 Payment each training session (regardless if it costs for a venue or not)
2.3 Bank account setup and suggested automatic deductions per week
2.4 Attendance book for training, who attends, times, what training contained, how long, any incidents etc

3.Newbies (fresh meat packages)just a suggestion – bag, shirt, rules, badges, patch -say $50.00.optional.
3.1 Decide when the cut off starts for new fresh meat skaters – and how ‘experienced’ a skater needs to be to join.

4.All financial members to provide contact numbers and addresses and a weekly schedule of availability for the next 6 mths if possible. This is to seize opportunities to get together for meetings or training.

5.Grant application Neena was talking about – where is it at.

6.Talk about sponsorship and setting up a sting campaign.
6.1 Talk about fundraising and try to get a committee set up for this. Should we tie merchandising and fundraising together at this stage?

7.Organise our Annual General Meeting – this is part of our legal obligations and has to be before the 30th June as our financial year ends on the 31st Dec. There is an outline of this stuff in the constitution. We need to give one months notice and an agenda. Shouldn’t be too hard. If we have enough people to fill the exec committee without contesting then we should be okay – if it does need to go to a vote we will need to find a ‘returning officer’ whose not too tied up in who gets what spot.

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