SRDL Blocking Clinic

About half the league (8 skaters) headed up to the first day of the clinic and six of us stayed over night and then attended the second day. It was brutal and we all got our fair share of bruises. The most important things I learned from this camp were:

  • When booking backpacker accomodation in Newtown be sure to specify that you want a female-only dorm – even when the number of people you are booking in is the ‘maximum’ per room
  • When blocking keep your elbows in -paper plates can help you remember
  • A ‘JBlock’ is the deadliest thing you can do on skates – and great!
  • Getting drunk with derby girls means GETTING DRUNK WITH DERBY GIRLS
  • Duct tape on knee pads rubs off and leaves marks on the floor – marks which are instantly identifiable as yours
  • Killing 8 hours in Newtown isn’t as easy as it seems
  • ‘Claymation’ doesn’t mean happy
  • and, driving back to Wollonongong would be easier with food in our stomachs

SRDL really want us ’bout ready’ – YAY – we are totally roller derby girls!

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