Great Venue Experience

Yesterday Neena SheMoan, Drop Bear and I headed off to look over another venue and chat to the manager about our skates vs their floors. Couldn’t be more different to the slightly creepy trip a few weeks ago. Neena had made the contact for our rollerskating retrospective next year and it’s also shaping up as a nice potential bout venue. We’ve already sent these guys copies of references from venues given to other leagues in Aus and this meeting is a chance for us to show the guy our skates and pads and check out the courts.

Neena got there a bit early to keep us covered and was drinking coffee from the kiosk when we arrived. Good PR move by her – our queen of subtle! By the time our contact turned up we were all there, huddled around, looking a bit derby and gawking at the beautiful acres of polished wood floors. I love those floors. The were covered with netballers and basketballers and so we didn’t actually get to skate on them but the look perfect and have a lot more room around the track than we are skating with now.

So anyway, the venue wants our first skate to be in front of some floor specialists who will judge our impact from our impact. Amazing and rational. We’re getting a date organised and then will have a special training sess while the floor dudes observe. Socks over the kneepads for this one!

All round it was a great meeting, we were excited, he got excited. Derby deserves floors like those!

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