Making executice committee meetings make sense

WIRD have an executive committee meeting coming up and I’ve been compiling some material so we can all have a stronger understanding of what our job is. Six months into our incorporation and the structure of the league is really starting to come together. Meetings are hectic, but I imagine this is typical.

Roles on WIRD’s EC

President – Job is to provide leadership and a figure head, act as official representative, sign off on official and financial documents, report to EC and general meetings
Vice President – Support president to provide leadership, sign off on official and financial documents, act as president if president is indisposed
Secretary – Maintain records and correspondence, store official documents, hold official seal
Treasurer – Maintain finances, sign financial documents
Coordinators– Coordinate activities in their area (Newbie, Training, Merchandising, Fundraising, Media, Website) recruit assistance for their area from among the general members, report to EC and general meetings, prepare submissions for voting at meetings (a submission is a clear outline of your idea with prices and costings and enough information for the meeting to vote – if it is detailed it is best to get it to meeting attendees with time to look over it)

Meetings Etiquette

‘Meeting etiquette is really just a matter of manners and common sense.
Here is the top 10:

  1. Don’t arrive late or leave early. Arrive on time (or early) and leave only when the meeting is finished.
  2. Make a careful reading of all items well in advance of the meeting. Make note of the items you would like to speak to and what you plan to say.
  3. Don’t make personal attacks or rehash issues that have already been decided.Learn how to accept Board decisions graciously, even if your view has been overruled.
  4. Stay away from discussions about irrelevant information and stick to the agenda.
  5. Never agree to decisions or action you don’t understand, always ask questions and insist on answers when you need clarification.
  6. Do not ignore potential or current conflicts of interest that you think have arisen or may arise in the future. Take appropriate action to ensure you and your Board are protected from possible or real conflicts.
  7. Don’t speak without listening or interrupt people when they are talking and ensure you give the views of each Board member respect and consideration.
  8. Never underrate the contribution you can make – attempt to make an active contribution to all debates and discussions.
  9. You can’t assume knowledge. Answer any questions meeting participants ask, even if they appear naive.
  10. Do not discuss confidential or sensitive information outside of meeting and respect all confidences afforded to you in your role.

Read more.

And in moments of doubt we fall back on the safety net of the:

Executive Committee Members’ Code of Behaviour

  1. Involve members in the planning, leadership, evaluation and decision making related to Roller Derby.
  2. Ensure that equal opportunities for participation in sports are made available to all members, regardless of ability, size, shape, disability or ethnic origin.
  3. Ensure that equipment and facilities are safe and appropriate to the ability level of participating members.
  4. Ensure that adequate supervision is provided by qualified and competent coaches and officials capable of developing appropriate positive behaviour and skill technique.
  5. Avoid allowing events to become primarily spectator entertainment. Focus more on the needs of the participants rather than the enjoyment of the spectators. To focus on ‘sport over spectacle’.
  6. Distribute and enforce the Code of Behaviour regarding players, officials, spectators, coaches and the media.
  7. Encourage Members to realise their potential and athletic abilities.

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