Shiny new venue

A new venue has become available and because we are non-profit we can get into this amazing space for just a little more than we are paying now. The Sports HUB at the University of Wollongong is three connected competition size netball courts with a mezanine level running all the way around the top. The floor is semi-sprung plastic and looks a little odd. It is square tiles of plastic with a thin seam between them.

I was a little wary that the plastic might be too slippery and so organised for Drop Bear to come along with me and try the floor out. It was amazing and great and not slippery at all. Takes a little longer than usual to stop and takes a bit more push. But as you can see slides are super easy.

And it marks up pretty easy and sounds a bit loud but the marks came off with the edge of our finger so should definitly shift with some wet tennis balls (thanks SRDL).

The whole league is booked in for a trial on Tuesday to make sure the stopping thing isn’t a problem for anyone before we book in there for training sessions. It is a lot of fun to skate.

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