Successful first training at the Sports HUB

Marking out the track according to the WFTDA specifications and using a rope template which I whipped up after spotting one being used by SRDL. Not sure if ours conforms to their design as it was reverse engineered from a quick glance from a distance and some careful untangling of the WFTDA track plan. Our measurements have been converted to metric, though this isn’t helping with us learning what 10 feet looks/feels like. Our track came out a bit dodgy last night and I suspect we need more practice.

The new venue was amazing! Staff were very helpful and it was great not having to worry about hitting walls or door handles. The new surface did play some havoc and our trainer took care to keep reminding us about how to handle the floor and which muscles to really push with to get traction. If nothing else, skating on plastic will drive home the mechanics of skating.

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