Interval training for the brain: Getting busy with the Pomodoro Technique

So in an attempt to overcome my procrastination and need to do a million things at once I am trying out the Pomodoro Technique. The basic idea is that you use a timer to split your work into segments with small breaks in between. The most common split seems to be 20 minutes on and 5 minutes off with a longer break (15-20 mins) after you have completed 3-4 rounds.

I have encountered this idea three times over the last 24 hours (after never having heard it before) and so decided that the universe was really trying to get a point across to me.

Now I am familiar with this concept from my derby training. If you scroll down a bit you will find one of my referee drills which uses the concept of interval timing to bridge the gap between physical and theoretical training for refs. Apparently with interval training the alternating of hard physical effort with short breaks builds better stamina, increases physical output and burns more calories.

Theoretically I can see how this process is transferable to brain skills. The Pomodoro Technique is my chance to see if this is true. I get into recording things. My laps have gotten faster since I started spreadsheeting them, my word count goes up when I record numbers, my brain loves a goal.

I am onto my third Pomodoro for today. Each has been 20 minutes in length. In the first I wrote an author bio and abstract for a conference paper – 293 words. In the second I wrote an essential email that I have been putting off – 766 words. Now I am writing this blog post and I have 5:14 left on the clock.

My phone is Android and I am in love with Pomodroido.

During my next break I will stand on my balcony and watch people then I will use my last one for today to finish off two posts that have been gathering dust. I think this could be something that will work for me.

Timer is going now. Brain break imminent.


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