OPR ‘Half-lap skate and wait’ practice

**Drill brought to Australia by Judge Knot, Texas
Objective:  To practice the ‘half lap skate and wait’ pattern for OPRs
Typical length of drill: Any
Materials needed: Taped-out track

Skill level required: Basic skating skills needed

Description: Split referees into two equal-ish groups with each group standing at a pick-up point (corners 2/4 or 1/3 depending on your crew’s preference). Trainer or ref volunteer gets on track as ‘bunny’ and as they pass each corner they pick up/drop off the following OPR. The OPR should try to skate alongside the bunny and should be able to trace an imaginary line between their own skates and the bunny’s. The bunny sets the difficulty level of this drill by speeding up, slowing down, stopping or skating backwards.

Additional notes: Rotate the bunny around and give everyone a go. Fresher refs seem to really enjoy pushing the skills of more experienced refs.

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