Jammer Referee Tag

Objective: To practice JR and IPR skating patterns, increase inside track spatial awareness and practice high-level skating skills
Typical length of drill: Variable
Materials needed: Taped down track

Skill level required: Basic to advanced skating skills

Description: At least four referees are needed for this drill but the more there are, the harder it will get. Two referees are nominated as starting JRs while all other refs skates as IPRs. One ref (or multiple skaters) can volunteer to be a ‘bunny’. All refs start at regular spots (JRs at jammer line, front IPRs at pivot line, rear IPRs between them). Can be run either as jams or as a continuous drill. At whistle IPRs start skating (pacing ‘bunny’ if there is one) and then JRs start as the bunny/rear IPRs cross the pivot line. JRs must do at least one lap before they try to tag anyone. Tagging and role swaps. On the second lap through the JRs choose an IPR, tag them and then try to get away (using correct skating patterns). If tagged IPR catches (and tags) the JR then they swap roles. If a JR trips/collides with another ref (at any time) they must swap roles with the person they have hit. Each role swap should be accompanied by both refs calling out their new role at least once.

Additional notes: Before drill starts it is a good idea to remind everyone of the JR lane that runs closest to track – IPRs are encouraged to skate at least 3-4′ from inside track boundary. All refs should practice verbally informing other refs of their position on the track.

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