Penalty call remembering with OWBs and NSOs

Objective: To practice remembering a ‘colour, number, penalty’ combination, practice working with NSOs and increase the average of correct calls delivered to NSOs.  This drill is a variation on the OPR ‘Half-lap skate and wait’ practice.
Typical length of drill: Variable
Materials needed: Taped out track, small whiteboards (OWB), WB markers, smart phone with penalty calling app (or penalty flashcards with ‘colour, number, penalty’ (circled majors))

Skill level required: Basic skating skills, knowledge of penalty codes and handsignals

Description: Two refs stand as outside whiteboard NSOs (either corners 2&4 or 1&3). One NSO has smartphone or flashcards (NSO1). All other are split between corners and form lines. NSO1 writes down a penalty using correct OWB format (number of player, penalty code, circled if major: since the app will select random colours, colour should be written above number and penalty code). Ref at front of line listens to verbal cue from NSO1, reads penalty off board and skates correct half-lap skate-and-wait OPR pattern to next whiteboard and delivers penalty to NSO2, using correct handsignals, verbal cue and minor/major designation. NSO2 then holds up whiteboard for NSO1 to confirm. While this is happening, next ref in line near NSO2 skates correct OPR pattern to join line near NSO1.

Additional notes:

Variation 1: Make it a competition – queen of the OPRs. Refs who make incorrect calls go into centre of track until there is only one left. First/last two in the centre are NSOs for next round.

Variation 2: Run continuous OPR patterns with NSO1 selectively presenting WB with call on it to be delivered to NSO2.

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