What I’m working on right now

I have come down with something. A virus? Bacterial infection? Biological warfare?

Whatever it is, it is hurting my brain.

Today and tomorrow are rock solid writing days and I cannot use the snot-spew explosion to get out of work. I am reasonably certain that any words that come out today will need to be heavily edited but they need to come out. I’m trying to get my head around pomodoro planning and so decided to think it out in words before I start really thinking it out in words.

There are two immediate projects on the boil: the conference paper for Crime, Cameras, Action and my lecture outlines for the two creative writing theory subjects I am co-lecturing this session.

I have 835 words and a good solid outline for the rest of the conference paper. The current title is ‘Gaol behind closed doors: What the media can’t show us when it comes to home detention’. It is an interesting and intimidating paper to write, not only because it is only my second-ever conference paper but also because I will be discussing some of my personal experiences with the Department of Corrective Service’s ‘have a break at home’ program. I am struggling with my innate tendency to make light of things that scare and concern me. Sometimes a joke is not the way to go. Sometimes.

I am holding onto feedback that I got from a lecturer buddy of mine right after the whole shemozzle went down in 2010 who said ‘Angela, don’t ever lose your sarcasm and sardonic wit – it makes your writing eminently readable.’

Today I will aim to get it up to 1500 words. I will use the sickness brain to format my reference list and polish my powerpoints.

I am sad but I suspect there will be no room for this picture (posted on my FB wall by a buddy who knows my theoretical leanings) in this paper:

(Credit: http://i.imgur.com/d8fM5.jpg)

The place I may find a home for this, however, is the slides for my lectures on Panoptic practice, discourse and counter-discourse. I’m so not at the slide stage yet but what I am doing at the moment is reviewing the readings and old lecture materials, formulating my own approaches to the topics and freaking out that maybe I’m not smart enough to teach this stuff. Hmmm. Still thinking you’re a fraud then, Angela?

Today I will come up with a solid list of lectures, with the focus clearly outlined for each one. I will avoid thinking about pictures and slides and will focus entirely on formulating my theoretical approaches.

But first I will blow my nose and make more tea.

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