Pack ref OOBB, SOOB and Cutting practice

Objective:  To practice seeing and calling OOBB and Cutting penalties from every ref position on the track.

Typical length of drill: Variable

Materials needed: Taped out track, whistles, skater volunteers
Skill level required:   Skating skills, knowledge of OOBB and Cutting, how to differentiate between minor and major.


  • Review OOBB – 6.8 – and Cutting – 6.11 – and SOOB – 6.12
  • 1-2 IPRs and 3 OPRs take position on track
  • Numbers of IPRs on track will depend on numbers there. For this to work best there needs to be 2-3 refs standing in the middle of the track for each turn. Their job is to watch for penalties called by skating refs and any that are missed. DO NOT CALL ANY PENALTIES. At end of jam/drill, all refs discuss calls/missed calls, positioning, etc.
  • Rotate spots. Try to get every ref to have a go in every role and at least 2 turns in the middle.

Additional notes:

  • Drill is best run in conjunction with skater training on blocking, full track use, etc. Will work best if the skaters are doing drills that involve big hits.

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