Endless Ref Patterns with Suicide drills

Objective: To practice ref skating patterns with standing and falling stops
Typical length of drill: Variable – depends on ref endurance and skating skills
Materials needed: Taped out track, whistles

Skill level required: Skating skills, knowledge of ref skating patterns, basic to advanced standing/falling stop skills


  • All refs pick a spot. Three refs are bunny and jammers. Bunny and jammers have whistles.
  • Start whistle goes. Bunny sets PR speed, jammers set JR speed.
  • Bunny and jammers call suicides. They take it in turns to whistle. Two whistles = a standing stop (plough/T/tomahawk, etc) and four whistles = a falling stop (1 knee/ 1 knee 180/2 knee/4 point).
  • Try to choose your stop based on positioning and bunny/jammer placement to make sure you can stop/slow down and still keep your eyes on the pack.
  • Bunny/jammers – do not whistle and speed up at the same time, be aware the refs will be trying to watch you and stop/slow down.

Additional notes:

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