Training Session – Skating Patterns, NSO training and Stops

Ref Training Session Skating Patterns, NSO training and Stops

Trainer needs: Interval timer app, whistle, penalty calling app, chair, rules, whiteboard/penalty tracking sheets, pens

Referees need: Whistles, rules

Time: One hour session

10 mins: Skates on and warm up

 15 mins: ON SKATES: Penalty calling circuit

  • Circuit lasts for 60 secs with a 15 second break between – we are aiming for 2-3 full rotations.
  • Four spots are marked exactly ten feet apart  – these are the corners. Two spots are marked at the apex of a triangle on opposite sides of the box – these are the points. On the corners of the square participants should be positioned with centre of hips over spot on floor. At the points participants can choose spot.
  • Each corner is a different on-skates activity. 1. On the spot running/walking on toe stops. 2. Sit ups/push ups. 3. Isometric squats. 4. Planks.
  • Point 1 has call app set up on a chair – ref does penalty calls with whistle and signal and point 2 mirrors signals and calls from opposite ref.

15 Mins: ON SKATES: Endless Ref Patterns with Suicide drills

  • All refs pick a spot. Three refs are bunny and jammers. Bunny and jammers have whistles.
  • Start whistle goes. Bunny sets PR speed, jammers set JR speed.
  • Bunny and jammers call suicides. They take it in turns to whistle. Two whistles = a standing stop (plough/T/tomahawk, etc) and four whistles = a falling stop (1 knee/ 1 knee 180/2 knee/4 point).
  • Try to choose your stop based on positioning and bunny/jammer placement to make sure you can stop/slow down and still keep your eyes on the pack.
  • Bunny/jammers – do not whistle and speed up at the same time, be aware the refs will be trying to watch you and stop/slow down.

15 Mins: ON SKATES: Two-lap penalty call remembering with OWB/penalty tracker

  • One ref stands as outside whiteboard NSOs (either corner 2 or 4). Penalty calling app is set up on opposite corner (where OWB would be). NSO can either have a penalty tracking sheet or a whiteboard.
  • All other refs line up on behind NSO. Whistle goes and one ref skates to App, picks up penalty and skates on. Ref sprints two full laps before dropping penalty off.
  • Once ref 1 has picked up penalty, ref 2 starts lap. Picks up penalty, sprints two laps before drop off. Repeat.
  • Refs will be skating 2 ½ full laps each turn. There should be a half lap gap between each ref but as we all sprint at different speeds this could change.
  • This drill will test penalty remembering skills, NSO penalty recording skills, track awareness and skating skills.


  1. Agatha Power 'tum tum' says:

    Waouh THE blog I was looking for


    1. Angela says:

      Thanks heaps – hope it is helpful!


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