Two-lap penalty call remembering with OWB/penalty tracker

Objective: To practice penalty remembering and correct calling, to practice NSO skills including recording penalties and reading handsignals, to practice OPR skating patterns, spatial awareness and skating with/around other skaters
Typical length of drill: Variable, depends on ref endurance and skating skills
Materials needed: Taped out track, whiteboard/penalty tracking sheet, penalty calling app or flashcards

Skill level required: Refs: Skating skills, knowledge of OPR skating patterns, knowledge of verbal cues and handsignals & NSOs: knowledge of verbal cues, penalty codes and handsignals


  • One ref stands as outside whiteboard NSOs (either corner 2 or 4). Penalty calling app is set up on opposite corner (where OWB would be). NSO can either have a penalty tracking sheet or a whiteboard.
  • All other refs line up on behind NSO. Whistle goes and one ref skates to App, picks up penalty and skates on. Ref sprints two full laps before dropping penalty off.
  • Once ref 1 has picked up penalty, ref 2 starts lap. Picks up penalty, sprints two laps before drop off. Repeat.
  • Refs will be skating 2 ½ full laps each turn. There should be a half lap gap between each ref but as we all sprint at different speeds this could change.
  • This drill will test penalty remembering skills, NSO penalty recording skills, track awareness and skating skills.

Additional notes:

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