Case study blurbs: thinking about creativity within a interdisciplinary framework

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I’ve been teaching a first year theory subject with Dr Susan Ballard for a few years called Contemporary Creative Practice, we call is CACS (the subject code). It’s a compulsory core subject, for all creative arts students at University of Wollongong and aims to give a strong foundation in critical theory and academic skills before the students leap off into their specific disciplines.

I’ve just been drafted to write online material for this subject, weekly blurbs on the case studies, using the travelling concepts (see Mieke Bal’s book on the topic for an introduction to this concept) and supporting concepts to introduce creative case studies spanning a variety of disciplines.

We’re using Ian Buchanan’s Dictionary of Critical Theory as our core text and all definitions of travelling and supporting concepts are taken from the 2010 edition of this book.

The guidance I’ve been given on this task is to give a brief introduction to the case studies and some hints to how to think about them. I’m supposed to avoid giving too much information and to leave gaps to allow the students to do their own research (as many of these works will be used for essays/presentations). Each week should take 1-2 hours of online research.

You can follow these case study blurbs at the tag ‘CACS case studies‘.

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