Varuna 2016 Day 1


Current word count: 87 084 (Final PhD draft)

Number of chapters: 10

Biggest achievement: Arrived at Varuna, this time I am in the Bear Room. I’ve unpacked, stacked my notes, post its, current copy. Dropped into Katoomba and booked a two hour tattoo session tomorrow for the Foucault quote about truth speaking I’ve been planning since I finished the thesis.

How I’m feeling: There’s a big old mix of anticipation and terror. Last time I was here, the trauma was still fresh and toasty, this time it is smoothed over, the edges taken off. I’m scared of trying to add the bits about sex work and my childhood that are needed to push it to the more commercial, but excited about the plans to reframe the story. My new angle paints a more nuanced view of the justice system, gives me a safer and stroger stance. I’m also excited about eating Sheila’s cooking again!

Tomorrow? Eat a big breakfast, get tattooed in a very ouchy spot, come back and plot out the new structure on my many, many post its.


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