Varuna 2016 Day 2

Dinner last night: Sheila’s curry and dips selection. We hardly spilt any.


Thanks to the awesome Jake Cunningham at Katoomba Ink for my spontaneous mangled Foucault tattoo. This little bit of ritualised torture was exactly what I needed to get those ol’ creative juices flowing.  I considered a panther at the end because I wanted longer with the needle but sensible Jake talked me out of it.

Full text is: tell the truth instead of relaxing in the security of a life of unspoken reality

Current word count: 2168

Number of chapters: Part 1 (12 Chapters) all plotted out; chapter one is a full draft of new; chapter two is a chunk of old and needs some new; the new framework/structure/thingy leaves about 40% still needing to be written.

This is my working wall, I’m glad the bears are there, they’re adding a whole new level of fairy tale to the process.


Biggest achievement:

I think I’ve made a real non-writing leap with this trip to Varuna.  I’ve been struggling with my own personal Imposter Syndrome hell since approximately 7.2 seconds after I started undergrad. Last time I was at Varuna I spent a lot of time hiding away, soaked in the traume of writing all that crap. I kept most of the story close to my chest till I ran away on Saturday. Being here now,  however,  I’m finding ways to make myself feel more at home, more like I have a right to be here. It’s strange and unsettling but I’m just letting it happen.

I’ve made friends with the magpies by tossing them ham at lunchtime, but they still won’t let me get close enough for a really good picture. Still haven’t managed to get the galahs coming out of their nest either. Oh well.


Finish shifting all those post-its on the wall to my document, do all the C&Ps, start fleshing out the new bits.

Workshop one of the other writer’s short story. She’s worried the end might be cliched and I’ve promised to be brutal.

Get a massage from the guy who gets killer reviews on the notice board.

Pull down all the post-its and start working on plotting Part 2.

Maybe go for a bushwalk.

Stalk more birds with my camera.



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