Varuna 2016 Day 4

This was my office today



Dinner last night: Sheila’s marmalade pork with ginger, sauteed mushrooms, mash, beans and cabbage. Dessert was that goddamn amazing lemon delicious pudding. To quote Marsha, one of the writers here, ‘it was like eating mouthfuls of lemon cloud’.


Current word count: 32 840

Number of chapters:

This is Part 1, the yellow bits still need to be written, some of the rest needs fleshing out:

Screenshot 2016-02-11 10.24.56

Yes, it’s still writing if I’m taken by the urge to pie chart. This is the topics from Part 1:

Screenshot 2016-02-12 08.43.31

I’ve started Part 2, which is mostly a chronological telling of the 2010 prison experience. So copying and pasting all these orange post its:

Biggest achievement:

Going easier on myself. Last time I was here I was so saturated in trauma that I sank into a bubble of blergh. I’m taking time out now to do things like draw, take photos, and write this thing.

How I am feeling:

So much better than yesterday. Proving Shrinkola’s argument about my bounce-back-ability, I woke up at six this morning, got some beautiful talking to birds and trees time before I hit the desk. This afternoon I went out with Wendy for hot chocolate, which then turned into a random driving thorugh rain to look at views and strange houses adventure.

Also, did you know there are 28 definitions of the word ‘game’?


Keep copying and pasting the prison bits.

See my woman and hound for a catch up and play date.

Charge my camera batteries.

Finish the drawing I’ve started of the tree outside my window.




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