Varuna 2016 Day 5

This was my office today


Dinner last night: Sheila’s spinach and feta pie, greek salad and bread. Dessert: not-quite Tiramisu


Current word count: 58 075

Number of chapters: 25 – 19 full drafts and 6 that need new stuff. Holy crap balls, batdudes.

Biggest achievement:

Getting through a whole part in one morning. It might have been mostly cutting and pasting but there was also some summarising and a whole lot of reading/remembering.

I took lunch off to go visit with my dog and lady. They were both very excited to see me and didn’t stop jumping and wiggling for ages. Dusty (the dog) begged a sausage off some backpackers and I only cried a little bit when they left.



How I am feeling:

Settled, rested, content. Today I took some risks, which probably sounds ridiculous but I’m much more risk-aversive than I used to be. My head is filled with plans and ideas instead of filth. I like that.


Taking an hour or so in the morning to write something for the non-memoir world, wish me luck cos it’s doozey.

Then we’re back to the post its and the wall to plot out the next part.

And then a bit more of this



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