Varuna 2016 Day 6

This was my office this morning


This was my office this afternoon


Dinner last night: Sheila’s CoqAVin with trimmings. Dessert: Plums and pears stewed in red wine. We ate it too quick for pics. Sorry-not-sorry.

Current word count: 62901

Number of chapters:  44– 23 full drafts and 9 that need new stuff and 12 that need to go from post its to page. AND THAT WOULD MEAN THE WHOLE BOOK IS PLOTTED OUT!


Biggest achievement:

THE WHOLE BOOK IS PLOTTED OUT! This was what I came to Varuna to do.

To reward myself instead of doing this
I did this

How I am feeling:


Transfer those last 12 post its to page, do the last few copy and pastses.

Think about what unwritten bits I can tackle before talking to Shrinkola on Wed.

Go see a reading of a one-man show where there is free wine.

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