Poor timing is sometimes the best timing


Salvador Dali, The Persistence of  Memory,  1931

I joined another writing group since I’m now back in Wollongong and it’s a lot more like what I’m looking for.  It’s a high output academic writing group based on the idea of writing for ten minutes a day.

I joined it at maybe the worst possible time.

The info session was 3 weeks ago and since then I’ve written 7/17 days with a total of just over 2000 words.

Poor timing.

There’s been a big academic job application (some of those words), three days of the hearing (adjourned again till Aug 1), a weekend away where I accidentally left the meds at home and so went into my first ever benzo detox (detoxing, it turns out,  is no longer in my skill set), and a broken fence/early morning dog escape.

This post is day 8.

As a bit of a perfectionist who loves a good stick for self-flaggellation, I’ve been struggling with letting it all happen and not beating myself over the slips.

Sometimes it’s hard just to let myself be. But I’m working on it.

Meeting of the group is today and I’m going to walk in there proud of what I’ve managed to achieve.

I’m coming to realise,  so very slowly,  that life is about embracing the speedhumps – and that they’re okay to slow down for.

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