Varuna Affirm Press Mentorship – Tuesday Morning

Last night I wrote on Facebook that the imposter syndrome is strong this time.  It’s still strong.  I recently read that ‘interesting article‘ by Luke Carman about the Australian creative industries.  He makes some very big claims, including several aspersions the’Melbourne literati’. In a lecture by the provocateur, I asked the difficult questions.  But now I’m wishing I’d never read it.

There are 5 people here: 3 writers and 2 editors.  I’m the only person not from Victoria.  But as camouflage I’m rocking my Victorian Roller Derby hoodie.

With the trackies and grandad slippers.

Out of the 3 writers, I’m the only unpublished one.  Last night I got all flustered floating around on rafts of dropped names.  I told them about the first time I was here, when I wrote that I felt I’d slithered up the drains.  Then I tried to take my jumper off and ended up taking my shirt with it.  Luckily the stripper joke had already been thrown around.

I am so out of place here.

But, as I promised myself, I’m being honest right from the get go.  No hiding the history this time around.

I have my meeting with the editors today, volunteered to go last.  Mostly fear of the pity I see in so many readers’ eyes.  I don’t think they want more child abuse.

I think I’m going to take a less structured approach to the blog this time.  Think I need to.

The apple tree I drew last time I was here is in flower.  Couldn’t find my pens when I was packing but that’s an easy problem to solve. Here’s a photo till I can draw.

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