Snakes and Ladders Out Now

Praise for Snakes and Ladders
‘Tough, courageous, and moving, it’s about empowerment as much as powerlessness and, ultimately, the nature of power.’
The Age

‘Snakes and Ladders is devastating and brilliant. Williams is a tremendous writer, her insight into power and punishment is brave, honest and revealing.’
Anna Krien

Cover Snakes and Ladders

Snakes and Ladders
by Angela Williams

It was no surprise that Angela Williams went to jail. A traumatic, violent upbringing saw to that. But after serving a short sentence for theft as a teenager, she became a model of rehabilitation. Thirteen years later, Angela was studying, teaching, providing a stable home for her son, and finally getting her life together. Then she got hit by a postie bike, and Police realised that Angela had ten months remaining on a prison sentence she thought was in her distant past.

However, Angela was a different prisoner the second time around: no longer a scared, damaged nineteen-year-old, she knew how to speak up for herself and her fellow prisoners against a system of power, privilege and cruelty that controls the lives of Australia’s most vulnerable women and offers little hope for redemption.

With unwavering courage, intelligence and humour, Snakes and Ladders reveals an astonishing true story of falling through the cracks, and what it takes to climb back out again.


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