Strip searching children

In NSW, Australia, it is legal for police to search children as young as ten. This episode looks at recent attempts to address this and shows just how dangerous it is to try and provide ‘independent oversight’.

Read or referenced here:

How public do strip searches in NSW need to be before we get outraged?

NSW police strip-searched 96 children in past year, some as young as 11

Girls as Young as 12 Were Strip-Searched in Australia

NSW Police asked 15yo to expose himself as part of festival strip search, inquiry hears

NSW Police watchdog finds strip searches of four teenagers at music festivals were ‘unlawful’

Police had ‘no idea’ about strip search laws, watchdog finds

LECC Investigation of NSW Police Force Strip Search

Final report – Review of NSW Police Force Standard Operating Procedures for strip searches in custody 

Police watchdog commissioner sacked after complaint investigation

NSW Police Force Person Search Manual


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