Robo debt

Today we’re taking an angry stab at the robo debt fiasco that our ‘leaders’ are currently trying to sweep under the rug. 

Australian Unemployed Workers’ Union


Robodebt was a Scott Morrison fiasco at every stage (in the AUSTRALIAN!!)

“the robodebt disaster is without doubt the worst example of maladministration and callous indifference to vulnerable Australians since the Coalition took office in 2013.”

From ‘no case’ to $1.2b settlement: How robo-debt scheme went so wrong

The robodebt settlement leaves many victims out in the cold once again

2015 Factsheet – Debts – what to do if you have a Centrelink debt

2015 Centrelink: One in 10 on welfare is overpaid creating a ‘bonanza’ for debt collectors

2015 FactCheck: do welfare recipients owe the Australian government about $3.5 billion?

2017 Centrelink systematically ripping off clients: whistleblower

Australia, 2017: bureaucrats who see citizens as enemies

Job seekers vent fury at the ‘broken’ Jobactive system and allege ‘rorting’ of taxpayers

Labor says Jobactive system is failing job seekers and businesses

‘Unethical’: Job providers cry poor as staff pressured to breaking point

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