Transparency Fixes Corruption

Today’s episode looks at the knife of transparency and how we could use it to help cut out our corruption. We explore our dropping annual score on the Corruption Perceptions Index and look at the steps our government is taking to slow down this conversation. 

Sorry – I forgot my inclusive language today – I know you’re not all ‘guys’. Spank me, I need it.

Stuff we talked about today


SBS Corruption in Australia has worsened over the past eight years: International watchdog

Independent MP to bring bill for federal anti-corruption body as pressure mounts on Coalition

Explainer: what is the proposed Commonwealth Integrity Commission and how would it work?

Experts slam the Morrison Government’s proposal for a Federal anti-corruption Commission

Scott Morrison’s excuses for failing to establish a federal integrity commission don’t hold water

Release of Commonwealth Integrity Commission consultation draft

Commonwealth Integrity Commission consultation draft

ATO’s refusal to process Freedom of Information requests ruled invalid

Scott Morrison’s office met freedom of information deadlines in just 7.5% of cases

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