Women talking about sex


Today we are looking at the power dynamics that impact on women speaking about sex on the internet. We dig into the contradictions between women speaking about sex as empowerment and trolls speaking at women about sex as a threat. 

Explores my experiences speaking in the sexualised space of Fetlife versus my carefully collated Facebook feed. 

We use bell hooks and Tillie Olsen to work out how to own our right to be heard. 

Talked about

Tillie Olsen Silences

bell hooks Talking Back: thinking feminist, thinking black

bell hooks on critical thinking

6 women on the very real reasons they talk openly about sex

Meet the woman giving troll hunting a new face

Ginger Gorman Troll Hunting – Inside the world of online hate and its human fallout

Why online trolls troll

How to deal with social media trolls

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