Strip Search Trauma

This is a hard one that comes with a trigger warning for cops and sexual violence.

This week a former prisoner was strip searched by the police at Parramatta train station because her Opal card ran out of money. This search was done in public.

This cast looks at my strip searches in prison from Snakes and Ladders and thinks about how the NSW police force are using their powers now. 

This is my greatest fear and the reason I don’t go anywhere, but particularly not on public transport. I pretty much haven’t been anywhere but a supermarket, chemist, Shrinkola and Bunnings for at least 2 years. I can’t take the risk. 

And what happened to this woman demonstrates why my approach is the only safe option. 

It is time for us to stop using strip searches to punish people for being out in society. 

When we can’t attend a job interview without risking state-sanctioned sexual violence, then there’s really no way for those traumatised by this practice to participate in NSW society. 

No links on this one but screenshots about this are over at Facebook. 

Have a safe weekend, see you all on Monday. 

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