Cashless Welfare Card as Ritual Shame

Today the Australian Senate is voting on a bill to expand the cashless welfare card (CWC) after it was pushed through the lower house yesterday. It is the final sitting day of the year. 

The CWC is a tool of shame that the LNP Governments have used to punish poor people for existing. This podcast looks at the experiences of some people on this card and the many inquiries that have found problems with it. 

I hypothesise about the generation we’re raising and the impact of the children being raised under this scheme. Imagine growing up watching your parent being ritualistically humiliated to feed money into the LNP cash for votes rort? 

Despite all this opposition, the Morrison government is pushing through an expansion. We end by looking at this action as part of a pattern of this government laying the foundations for their business mates to keep scalping us after they lose the next federal election.

Talked about today:

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Sky News: Time to roll out cashless welfare cards ‘across the country’: Canavan

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